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What is Temp Mail?

What is Temp Mail?


You often come across a number of adverts and websites that you have to deal with but you don't completely trust. In such cases a temp mail is your best way out. These disposable email addresses replace your original ones and are expired after a certain time limit. And to use these addresses, you will find a number of online sites and services that help you make these temporary addresses or temp mail services that you can use either for free or by paying. 

A good way that these temp mails help you is by giving you relief from unwanted spams and stuff that keeps bombarding your inbox. So for your convenience we have compiled a list of few questions to help you clarify the confusions regarding temp mail and get you started on using it.

What is Temp Mail

But before we discuss which sites provide these services let's cover a few definitions and also the need for a temp mail. 

Disposable email/ temp mail - This is a service that allows a user to get emails on a temporary email addresses for a certain time period. The temporary address is destroyed after the limit time elapses. This is often known under the names of tempmail, 10 minute mail or throwaway email. At many sites you are required to fill in your email address before proceeding to download, a temp address can come in handy then.  

The need for a temp mail

The temp emails are of great use when you want to get rid of those annoying emails from the sites you subscribed to a decade before. So you can easily avoid the junk in your mail box gathered due to these sites by using a temp mail instead. 

Some services allow you to create multiple addresses and access them through same window, while there are others that forward everything received at your temp mail to your original addresses, destroying the purpose of a temp mail. 

Now that you know of the usefulness of these services, let's discuss a few sites that offer them making you retain your anonymity and prevent your inbox to be filled with unwanted emails and spam. A more summarized version for the need of the temp mail is as follows:

  • When signing up for loyalty cards, you can always use the disposable email and get the benefits offered. This way you get to stay safe even if the online store gets hacked because your original email ID is safe with you.
  • Another added bonus of the temp mail addresses is that you get to use them when testing a new App. Consider you have come up with a brilliant new App and before releasing it you want to test it. All you do is get a bunch of disposable addresses and test the App with their dummy accounts.
  • Writing an anonymous mail to the editor of newspaper requires you to send the paper mail without a return address. To do this online you can simply use a temp mail.

These are only some of the ways temp mail benefits you, there are countless others once you start using it.

How to Choose a Temp Mail?

With so many online temp mail services, another question for the user is how to choose the best service. We got that covered too; a good service provider,

  • Makes disposable email spontaneous. 
  • Does not ask for any personal info or identity info. 
  • Makes sure the email address is anonymous. 
  • Gives you more than one unique email address. 
  • Provides the option of an inbox associated with the temp mail address. 
  • Is simple to use and offers great functionality to the user. 

So these are some points to check if a given temp mail service provider is apt or not.

How does Temp Mail work?

So what is the working behind the disposable email address you make? But before I answer that let us see what your actual email address does and what the disposable one saves you from.

What happens on your personal address?

Handing your personal email address to the web means you lose control over it. That is you no longer decide what mail you should get and what not. Although nothing serious happens in most cases, but you will get spam or the address gets transferred to spammers for a few money. 

However, since many sites require you to input your mailing ID to function, you are forced to fall in a dilemma; either to get good services online or be weighed out in spam. 

To avoid this you can use another email account, but that will only move the junk mail from one account to the other. So what to do, scroll down to see! 

What temp mail does?

You make a temp mail address to free yourself from the mentioned dilemma.

When signing up for some site using the disposable address you don't use the real address but its aliased version. Every alias is fashioned precisely for a site or mailing list, and the disposable email address gets related with it.

By default, these aliases forward all the mail to your primary inbox as it would come when you provided the primary email to the sites in the first place. 

But this detects spam as soon as it drops in. As every alias is given to a single site and is related to it, this makes identifying spam source easy. And consequently this makes taking strict measures against those sites or spammers easy. The alias that delivers the spam is disabled and this way you get yourself spam-free! 

There are some temp mail service providers that allow you to list down senders that are always allowed to send emails to the disposable addresses. This might give spammers an upper hand sometimes to trickle in the spam. 

But then again you can set an alias that expires after certain time and use a new one to access a site every time. 


With all these questions answered we hope we cleared your queries on the temp mail and its significance. So yeah start using it and say good bye to spam forever!

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