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Why do we use Temporary Email

Why do we use Temporary Email

In the tech savvy world today, we often tend to come across different sites and promotions we have to sign up for using our email ID. However, sometimes we end up using a thing called disposable email or temporary email when signing up for these promotional sites. 

Well there are plenty of reasons why a person would do so. For a temporary email, helps to solve a number of issues and keeps you away from the unwanted messages in your inbox. While many might not be aware of what this is, and why would anyone want another email ID when you already have one? We are going to address all this and more today in our article. So tag along to know need for a temporary email ID for you might end up making one for yourself by the end.

What is temporary email? 

Before we move on to the need for the temporary email, let us clear what actually a temporary email address is.

A temporary email is basically a disposable email address generated for a certain time period. The address can be used to perform all the activities done using a real email ID. The only difference is that the temporary email is destroyed after the certain time frame elapses.

Now that you know what temporary email is, let’s throw light upon the need for such IDs.

Why use Temporary email?

To many this may seem like a burden, that you have to carry out when you already own an ID. Well not really when you look at the following: 

Use it to avoid Spam

Who likes looking at the spam, it only means more work and more time waste. And it is inevitable if you continue to give away your personal ID to the various sites you sign up for. These sites send you a great number of useless mails. Temporary emails helps you overcome this problem. Use this disposable address to register to these sites and say good bye to these spams. 

Use it to protect your identity

Protecting your identity is important and a temporary email address helps you do so. The fictional address you share has none of your personal info linked to it. Thus preventing situations like identity theft and wrong use of information online. This comes in handy when you have to deal with online sellers on various sites.

Use it to track who uses your email

Joining a mailing list can be pretty risky, for you do not know where your email address will go or how it will be used. So to prevent this risk, create a temporary email address and enter that when subscribing to the sites. Then it will be easy to know when or where your info is used, or if it’s being used at all.

Use it in discussion groups

When you happen to chat online with other people, the chat websites require you to enter your email ID. These sites might share your address with other users making you stay away from these sites altogether. However, prevent this and continue chatting by giving temporary email address to these sites.

Use it for file hosting services 

Pretty similar to the discussion groups, these file hosting sites also tend to share your email ID by selling their email lists. Therefore you can use the temporary email address for these sites too, to prevent your info from being leaked and to enjoy a safe online experience. 

Use it to keep important mails private 

Having a temporary email address allows you to keep your personal email ID for important and private messages only. So have all your important and personal emails delivered to your real ID and use the temporary mail for other less important purposes.

Use it for adverts

A temporary email works great when you need to subscribe for different offers and adverts that appear online. And this also helps your inbox free from spams. 

Use it to utilize services

You can use the disposable emails to avail various services offered by different sites without having to worry about the entailing emails they will send you. 

Use it on suspicious resources

Sometimes you need to get hld of certain information on different sites that may seem suspicious and would not allow access to the information without getting your ID. In such cases make use of the temporary email address and get access to the resources. 

Use it for one time registrations

Often times you need to register for one time only either to make a download or to play a game. Disposable email is of great use then. 

Use it for polls

Temporary email address can also be used for voting on the internet. This saves time and can allow a limited number of votes. 

Use it for temporary accounts

Temporary email is great when you need to from temporary accounts on some social networking websites. The account gets deleted when your purpose is fulfilled. 


Keep your matters and transactions confidential using disposable email. This won’t be possible with your personal email ID which has the chances of being tracked. Whereas a temporary mail is destroyed when the work it is used for gets completed. At the same time, a regular emails does not allow you to completely delete your emails, this is possible if you use a temporary email. While you cannot completely remove your personal email, it still has some record left with it. A temporary email can be easily removed leaving behind no signs that it ever existed. So your confidentiality remains secure when using a temporary email. 

End Note

So now that you know of the countless ways a temporary email can come in handy, don’t hesitate to get your own when needed. There are a number of sites online that provide this service for its users. You can avail these services either for free or pay some amount. Usually paid ones provide you with added features. So have your own temporary email formed today. 

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